Sunday, December 24, 2006

Gators Crush Ohio St.

The roundball Gators, that is. An 86-60 shellacking that declared them at long last healthy, and a healthy Gator team is still the one to beat.

And here's something to chew on while awaiting the BCS Championship game. Gainesville, Florida is a one-horse-town except for the commerce and pride derived from the University. The sports teams feed off one another, and since we're talking about kids and not seasoned professionals it wouldn't surprise me at all to see the Gators beat Ohio State on January 8. Rah-rah is precisely why a great many folks tune to collegiate athletic events, and still basking in the glow of ONE national championship, and biding time for another, it doesn't get more Rah-able than where the swamp things suit up.

The football Gators have a vertically challenged quarterback, no star running back, and a crybaby coach, but it's defense that wins championships and the kids on the D could not be more fired up.

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