Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hold A Sec While I Find My Cheaters...

"Do you prefer one-eye open shooting or two?"

After 4 and a half decades of practice I can draw and hit a quarter on a fencepost at 30'. The Wyatt-Earp method, of course; taking your time as fast as you can and with one eye shut. I've never seen binocular shooting improve the ability of anyone over 40, but if you try it and it works then by all means use it. You of course stand the chance of having both eyes contaminated with the by-products of combustion, so instead of being blind in one you'll be hard of seeing in two.

Dry fire as often as possible using both methods then pick the one you make closer holes with. I've yet to see records falling by the wayside with two eyes doing the work, but the "trainers" must have something to sell and this is one of those somethings. Not that there isn't room for genuine improvement in all human endeavor, but I await proof before bandwagon hopping.

As a final two-cents worth, most of the fellows I've see who espouse such do their shooting with the aid of corrective lenses, but I've yet to ask the opinion of a medical professional so it could be mere coincidence. I remain old fashioned enough to pay little attention when a squint tells a 20-20 how better to see.

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