Monday, December 18, 2006

Something I Said?

So I'm gassing up a bus this afternoon and a Prius pulls in alongside. At least I think it was a Prius, because peacenik stickers covered nearly every square inch of the vehicle. Peace At ANY Cost! War NEVER Solved Anything! Stop The War NOW!

Etc, etc.

So I'm reading along and nodding because the artwork was quite well done, and this led the occupants to presume that I was a devotee of such sloganistics.

"Wouldn't it be GREAT, dude, if everyone just made a pact to destroy all the guns and the bombs and the hatred?" Asked the bespectacled Charles Manson lookalike as he tried vainly to understand the mechanism by which he might transfer gasoline from the pump to the tank.

"It's what I wish for each and every day," I replied, "If everyone else in the world swore off violence and the means to kill other people and nations, I'd be the happiest man alive."

"Shiny! Dude, that is sooooooo shiny, but what about us too?"

"Well, if everyone disarmed it'd be way easier for us to go in and kill them all, and after they were dead I guess we could get rid of a lot of our gear as well."

The lad turned quite red, thought better about retorting, and as God is my judge drove away. He left one of those Wal-Mart replacement gas caps on the pump, but I figured it must happen a lot and he probably has spares so I didn't call after him.

I'd have liked to know where he found such quality stickers, so I guess I'm sorry he ran away.

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