Friday, December 22, 2006

Brits With Stones

"A former policy adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is slamming Senators Olympia Snowe and Jay Rockefeller over their letter to Exxon Mobile that we told you about last month. The senators demanded that Exxon abandon its support for scientists who do not believe that humans are the primary cause of global warming. Now Lord Christopher Monckton — also known as the Viscount of Brenchley — says the letter is part of "an internationally-coordinated series of maladroit and malevolent attempts to silence" the climate change skeptics. Monckton says the senators' comparisons of those scientists to the tobacco industry are "unjustifiable and unworthy of any credible elected representatives." He goes on to say, "either withdraw that monstrous comparison forthwith, or resign so as not to pollute the office you hold."

Bravo, Lord Monckton, good show old chap. Fantastic to see that your generation remains steadfast in responding to absolute twaddle, so by all means keep up the good work.

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