Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Anatomy Of A Loon


"Liberal poster boy Tim Robbins, partner of movie star Susan Sarandon, caused a ruckus at a Manhattan polling center this morning when he learned his name was removed from the voting rolls.

Robbins, an actor and director, reportedly started screaming when a poll worker asked him to move over to make more room for other voters.

Police were called in and Robbins ended up going to a Manhattan courthouse to get proof he is a registered voter. He then returned to the YMCA on 14th Street to cast a ballot.

"He was real upset and obnoxious," a polling clerk at the YMCA told The Post after the incident.

The clerk quoted Robbins as saying, "I'm a voter and I have a right to be here."

The very nature of liberals is to be angry. You can spot them driving, walking the dog, picking up a pizza. They are entitled, owed the world, and yeah, that's who drives the car taking up several parking spaces and that's who puts those dings in your car when forced to use only one spot. When Bill Clinton was President, true liberals were miserable. They had no authority figure to hate, no windmill to tilt, so they began forming million mommy marches and banning smoking in restaurants and demanding unisex rest rooms.

They once again got their wish. They sat an idiot in the Oval Office. By summer, they'll be itching to scream about some person, place, or thing, so look for the push to ban, prohibit, or flat out destroy something you hold dear.

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