Saturday, November 08, 2008

CHL Ban fails at Lubbock City Hall

An attempt to ban concealed carry permit holders form bringing weapons into Lubbock City Council meetings has failed.

The council turned down the proposal 5-2.

Linda DeLeon and Floyd Price were the only two council members to support the ordinance.

DeLeon said she does not feel comfortable with people other than peace officers carrying weapons during government meetings because emotions can flare up during debate..

The old "blood running in the streets" ploy, used to frighten people into believing that somehow, some way, police are more trustworthy of bearing firearms in such places as government buildings because...

...we're ALL still awaiting the because.

For as many of us know, we happen to be MORE capable and trustworthy than most members of law enforcement and believing otherwise simply shows how flat out stupid this incredibly inane broad really is. And let's not forget her abettor in nonsense, Mr. Floyd, who's probably just trying to get into her pants and really doesn't think that a badge makes the man.

Good for Lubbock. Grownups CAN control their emotions. Unless they happen to be lunatic fringe liberals named Linda and Floyd.

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