Saturday, November 01, 2008

Florida 49, Georgia 10

Muzzling The Bulldogs

Anyone who has been to a boxing match will tell you that being there in person is miles ahead of having a look see on the boob tube. You can see each fighters facial expression, hear their grunts and groans, the impact of the punches, and know who is about to go bye-bye once those quivering legs give up the ghost.

Same is true for a lot of sporting events, providing you have a decent enough vantage point. This afternoons drubbing by the Florida Gators over the hapless Georgia Bulldogs was one of those events. From the get-go Georgia just didn't look like they belonged on the same field, as last years Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow accounted for 5 touchdowns, 2 throwing, 3 running, even though everyone on God's green earth knew what was coming and when. When Georgia tried playing catch-up they made mistake after mistake letting it all hang out in trying to stay close to the fastest team in all college football. This team on this day would have drubbed anyone, and even the artificial intelligence of the BCS should be able to determine who is really ready for prime time.


Florida runs the table, beats Alabama for the SEC title - 45-20, then takes on Penn State for the BCS championship. Which they win 38-17.

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