Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Student Congress blocks concealed-carry bill

Members want university a ‘gun-free zone’

"Student Congress passed legislation Tuesday night that officially opposes the carrying of concealed firearms on campus.

Student congress’ legislation opposed the Oklahoma House of Representatives’ bill that would allow certain students, faculty and employees to carry concealed handguns on Oklahoma college campuses.

Advocates for Student Congress’ legislation argued that the inclusion of weapons in a university environment would not be beneficial to campus security, but rather detrimental.

“Colleges are a traditionally gun-free zone,” said Sam Ikard, political science junior and author of the legislation. “Even though there have been some prominent shootings at universities in the past, they’re exceptions to the rule.”

Ikard also said that it would be highly difficult for law enforcement to discern between a gunman and a student with a conceal-and-carry license during an emergency.

Political science junior Matt Gress, who supports concealing and carrying weapons, said that efforts should be made to focus on measures that would prevent shootings in the first place.

“We should work to identify red flag situations,” he said."

Bless their stupid little hearts, they're really just dopey kids who think that because THEY believe it to be true, it is.

Hardly a week goes by here at the doorstep of the University of Florida without my engaging some similar-minded student in a conversation about firearms on campus. A conversation that ends right after I ask if they truly believe that crazy people and criminals really pay much attention to signs banning this, that, or the other thing. I can see it in their eyes, I can hear it when they speak...

...they're afraid of guns and that's that.

If life's "red-flag-situations" could be so easily predicted we'd soon be without need of officers of the peace and their ilk, as warning signs would go out and a skeleton staff of enforcers would intercede long before the shit hit the fan.

And as far as the tired old saw that cops can't identify the good guys from the bad guys, then why not simply train them to do so? Some bad ass situation happens to me, I shoot the offending sucker, re-holster my weapon, and call the police. Identify myself and tell them I'm armed and just wasted a lowlife. If they come in guns a'blazin then it's THEIR fault if I drop them too.

Bottom line is that these dopey students know full well that even if a shooting went down at their school, chances are they'd be okay, so why NOT jump on the uber-liberal bandwagon and evince a hatred for guns.

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