Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Local Station "Investigates" Gun Law Loophole

"In the state of Florida, any non-felon can apply for a license to carry a gun in public without having fired a single bullet. The law requires "competence" but never defines what that means."It's up to you. As a responsible gun owner, it's basically up to you. That's what the state says," said North Miami Beach police weapons instructor Tom Carney.Carney said the vague wording could turn into deadly mistakes. He said it takes hours and hours of training, combined with rounds and rounds of practice ammunition, to be competent with a firearm.

Local 10's Sasha Andrade went undercover to put state-certified courses to the test.First, she sat in a classroom at a local gun show for two hours. The instructor went over the law, handed out a quiz that he said only one person ever failed and then lined up about 50 participants at a local range."At the gun show, the only thing I had to do was grab a hand gun, point it down range and fire it once. That's it," Andrade said."

So then; how's about them there states that require No training at all?

Blood running in the streets yet?

Course not. People are not as incompetent as you think, deary. Then there's that silly little Constitution thang.

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