Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So Lemme Get This Straight...

American automakers have had decades to respond and retool in order to make a car that people would flock to in droves, failed yet AGAIN as the public continued to do business with foreign competition because of little things such as fuel economy, safety, world-class technology and kickass design, but still deserve to get bailed out of the financial woes that were mostly their doing to begin with.

I know; blame the workers for making too much money, blame the government for asking that their overpriced pieces of shit be made well, but never blame THEM for making a product nobody really wants all that much.

As a one-time, quintessential, Mr. ALWAYS-BUY-AMERICAN, even I must admit that the pipedreams of the early 70's when Toyota and Honda were just entering the market and already kicking GM and Ford's collective ass, were just that.

Wishful thinking that would have one believe these dinosaurs could EVER make enough exciting automobiles in order to truly compete with hungry newcomers.

The people spoke, the products just weren't good enough so WE need to make up for their stupidity.


Nature abhors a vacuum and so does the open market. Sure unemployment would temporarily skyrocket if American automakers went belly-up, but people aren't going to suddenly STOP buying cars. The void would soon be filled by those making GOOD CARS, and if that's too complicated a proposition then we need an immediate RECALL of every defective politician who'd vote for spending good money after bad.

Let the free market sort it out, and case closed.

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