Saturday, November 08, 2008

Missouri Police Chief Wants To Better Protect The Public By Limiting Public Carry...

"The Webster-Kirkwood Times recently received several questions from readers concerning its Oct. 24 reporting on the Webster Groves City Council's passage of an amendment to the city code governing unlawful carrying of any lethal weapons in public, either openly or concealed.

Chief of Police Dale Curtis, told the Times that the intent of the amendment is to better protect the public's health, safety and welfare by limiting public carry. He said that Webster, in accordance with state statute, prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons except for those who are qualified, have applied for, and been granted a permit by Missouri or any other state that recognizes and grants a permit for concealed carry."

Translation: Why allow folks to be free when we can charge big bucks to license a right?

Preemption rearing its ugly head. You might be a bad boy so let's assume you ARE, up to and until you fork over the cash.

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