Sunday, November 16, 2008

More On Saving The Automakers

Here's the deal. I'd be willing to "assist" the Big-3 through bankruptcy, and so would many, many other Americans. Under bankruptcy protection the automakers could restructure a lot of those sweetheart union deals that so many folks have been agonizing over, you know, how when big shots make tons of cash its called Capitalism but when the guy on the street gets a decent living wage and a good pension its called stealing. So the current crop of workers either agree to taking benefit cuts or plants shut down for good, and the smart money says that the little guy will take it on the chin because he'd have no choice.

Then let the fire sales begin. Not enough American cars on the streets? Production lines are slow for a reason, and the real reason is that the Japs and Krauts and Koreans make better looking, better running iron because we wouldn't be talking about ANY of this if there were lines at the dealerships. So let those same dealerships start letting the product go at 50 cents on the dollar and whammo - instant sales increase, instant cash flow, instant product recognition once Ma and Pa Kettle realize that a fully loaded $6000 Chevy Cobalt is one helluva sweet deal, and that a brandy new 5-grand Ford F-150 is too attractive to turn down.

As the market adjusts...translated to mean that once the Japs and Germans and Koreans begin feeling the pain as their sales dwindle...import prices begin dropping as well as the aforementioned feriners are all government sponsored anyways to one degree or another and won't really feel much of a pinch trying to match the bargain basement rides coming out of Detroit.

If it is truly a global economy then it is time to call in some old debts. Let them ferin boys and girls give US a leg-up for a change by biting the bullet on obscene profits as we sort through the mess and go back to making big bosses rich and little guys looking for two jobs to make ends meet, just like little guys aughta be doing anyways.

Oh yeah, and like I said, I'd help too by latching on to one of them garage-sale American made cars. For sure. At half the price they'd finally be priced reasonably. Almost. Close enough for government work and without me spending all those tax dollars with nothing to show for it.

So then, in summation; the whining Ford, Chevy, Chrysler honchos file Chapter-Whichever, restructure their red-ends to make 'em lots blacker, then clear out the inventory with the mother of all clearance sales. Oh, and one thing I forgot. From now on they SWEAR to begin designing a product that people actually frigging WANT. That or next time around we wave bye-bye while kicking up some dust from that Jap-Kraut-ROK-o'mobile and leave Detroit in the rearview mirror for good.

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