Sunday, November 30, 2008

And Perhaps Wishing To Give Law Enforcement A Run For The Money In : Who IsTruly Is The More Dumbass...Athletes Or Cops

Giants' Burress accidentally shoots self in leg

The New York Giants wide receiver accidentally shot himself in the right thigh Friday night, has learned, not long after being ruled out of Sunday's game against the Redskins with a hamstring injury in the same leg.

The New York Post cited sources who said that Burress shot himself after midnight at the LQ nightclub and needed to be hospitalized.

The Post also said that Burress, 31, was allegedly trying to enter the club with teammate Antonio Pierce when they were stopped by security guards.

Burress, who caught the game-winning touchdown against the Patriots in January, admitted to the guards that he was carrying a gun. He then allegedly went over to a secluded area with a guard and took the gun out, the Post said.

Burress apparently started trying to unload the gun and bobbled it. An accidental shot went off and went through his leg."

Unless Plaxico has some serious juice... his Florida CCW license doesn't mean squat in NY...he's in for an unpaid vacation on Rikers Island.

Then again, since most laws are really just to keep the peasants under wraps I doubt he'll get any more than a slap on the wrist.

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