Saturday, November 15, 2008

UPDATE on new range in Woodbridge, Virginia

"First up, the permit for the range contains a provision that prohibits
all but law enforcement from carrying firearms to and from the range -
unless they're unloaded and cased. That's illegal based on Virginia's
preemption laws, and must be stricken from the permit. It most likely
will be stricken based on what I learned at the planning commission
two weeks ago, but we need to push to make sure.

Next, there is a condition that no firearm cleaning or 'major work' -
presumably gunsmithing or manufacturing may take place on site.
Students are taught to clean firearms in some NRA classes and that
would preclude that kind of course from being taught! Oh, and of
course there is a ***special provision*** that REQUIRES the range to
install a special cleaning facility for law enforcement ONLY! What a
sweetheart deal! So who is going to pay for such special
considerations for the local police? Most likely all the other
customers using the range. :-(

There is also a provision requiring the range to make itself available
for law enforcement only training after hours as well. Do they do the
same thing to restaurants? Require that the restaurants are to remain
available after hours if the police wish to hold a banquet?

VCDL has no objection to the range being used by law enforcement, but
the way the permit conditions of use are written it appears that it
will be at everyone else's expense.

It's one thing for the owner of the range to have special facilities
for the police, if he so chooses. It is another for PWPD to shove
such requirements down the owner's throat! Government just doesn't
understand how private business works in America and given the chance,
government will screw up private businesses every time with
unnecessary and unreasonable requirements that hurt the businesses'
bottom lines."

And there are STILL those who don't believe how far afield law enforcement has gone in their belief that somehow, someway, THEY are the ones running the show and THEY are the ones deserving of special treatment.

Tell you what would happen in a free society; the good citizens of Woodbridge, Virginia would petition their local politicians to straighten these idiots out posthaste, and failing that call for the immediate firing of any and all cops agreeing with these ridiculous stipulations, or FREEBIES if you'd like to get technical, because that's precisely what they are.

The time has long since past for ALL of us to join together and put a stop to such goings on, but to tell the truth brother's and sister's this is a chicken or the egg scenario.

Do cops pull such bullshit in places forever bereft of those who'd take umbrage, or do the truly brave souls head for the hills once a town slides so deep into the septic tank, and leave none but the sheeple in charge. In other words, are some towns a'borned for the meek or do they become that way.

How DO the traitorous scum who call themselves peace officers get so deeply entrenched, so beyond a shadow of a doubt that THEY call the shots. And tell the truth, could it happen in YOUR town, too?

Thanks to The War on Guns for the link.

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