Saturday, November 08, 2008

News From Hogtown

So, Hogtown Irregular bylaws do not permit the use of any image capturing device. Not because we're some sort of secret para-military organization, but, generally speaking and yours truly included, the group features men of such abject homeliness that gaining possession of such likenesses should be illegal in all civilized corners of the world. Special dispensation was once gained to post a pic of a hog done in by a hand cannon, but the vote was close and included much vitriol.

The attached YouTube video is the one that stirred Ert Slaughter into desperately yearning for a .458 Lott - from Ruger at about $1400 out the door - as a birthday present. A Lott can be loaded to the rough equivalent of a .500 Nitro Express as seen in the video, and if it can do THAT to an elephant then imagine what it'd do to a thousand-pound hog.

Ballistics, you ask? How's about a 500-grainer scooting along at 2600 fps from a 23" tube.

We're off to find a thousand-pounder. Not that anyone has ever heard tell of so large a porcine in these environs, but if we DO and Ert can it down with one squeeze, then the vote was 38-4 in favor of preserving so noble a hunt on tape.

Again, this video is not of Ert nor any High Marshall in action, just a primer on how we'll do it should the stars align.

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