Friday, October 10, 2008

And Then There's Florida

Man Shot Entering Home Mistaken as His Own

ORLANDO, Fla. — "A 24-year-old Orlando man was shot twice after accidentally entering a neighbor's home, thinking it was his own.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said James Conway was in stable condition Thursday. Deputies were called to a suspected burglary and found Conway moaning on the floor, saying he'd been shot in his own town house.

Investigators said 61-year-old Berty DeGuzman admitted firing at Conway. He said he thought he was being robbed.

Conway was alert, but allegedly told investigators he had been drinking.

Deputies did not immediately recommend charges against either man. In Florida, it is legal to use deadly force if a person feels they are being threatened by an intruder or attacker."

See what I mean? And it doesn't take the wisdom of Solomon to sort this one out. If the staggering drunk is believable, then he learned an important lesson. Case closed.

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