Sunday, October 19, 2008

On Sale Now...

Guns & Ammo gun-grabbing writer Dick Metcalf had this to say in the "Guns & Ammo Book Of Personal Defense".

"... a license requirement for a citizen to bear arms for defense in public should be no more repugnant to responsible firearms owners than the laws that require completion of a driver's training course or test..."

One of the reasons I stopped buying any of the big name gun magazines. They're either running nothing but commercials for whomever purchases the most ad space, or telling us that the times have changed and we should get with the program.

To Mr. Metcalf, I have this to offer: I'll await your directions as to where one might find "drivers license" mentioned in the Bill of Rights before calling you a low-life, ass kissing herd animal that believes Big-Brother should be worshiped. Whoops. I just did.

My bad.

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