Saturday, October 04, 2008

NYPD sergeant charged with shooting up East Side ATM

Hours after accompanying Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly to a midtown party, an NYPD sergeant went on a drunken rampage and shot up a cash machine, sources said.

Sgt. John Hynes, 35, was arrested and suspended after his bar-hopping escapade on the upper East Side ended in gunplay, the police sources said.

Hynes, a member of the Police Department's ceremonial unit, escorted Kelly to New York Post columnist Steve Dunleavy's retirement party on Manhattan's Restaurant Row Wednesday.

Kelly presented Dunleavy with an appreciation plaque at the Bourbon Street Bar and Grille on W. 46th St.

In uniform and on duty, Hynes did not drink at the bash, sources said.

Once off the clock, he changed into street clothes, but didn't ditch his 9-mm. gun before hitting bars on the upper East Side - even though NYPD regulations say cops must be unarmed if drunk."

The majority of gun crimes in NYC are perpetrated by two kinds of people. The police, who disregard the laws regarding the possession and use of firearms, and criminals such as murderers, simple stickup men, bank robbers, etc, who disregard the laws regarding the possession and use of firearms.

Since most cops practice but twice a year, the NYPD doesn't want them carrying when shitfaced, but I am unaware of ANY officer who has EVER followed this particular rule. Born and raised in Manhattan with tons of friends and relatives still there, I hesitated to ask such a dumb question but did anyways. To a person, everyone agreed that the cops are some of the scariest folks around as they stagger to and fro while drunk on their asses. They carry, make no bones about it, and if you don't like it stand back because the piece is coming out and at the very least will be waved in your face.

Few if any call them on it, and reporting such criminal acts is a laughable endeavor because no one is going to do a damn thing about it. At least until some asswipe like Sgt. Hynes shoots up the place.

Understand that this is PRECISELY why the NYPD backs stringent hand gun laws for the common folken. They wish to be the only ones armed and dangerous, and there's no running to hide behind the bushes when some get the hankering to show just exactly how very special they truly are. Trash cans, flower pots, ATM's, lampposts, squirrels, yes, squirrels, are all fair game. They'll attack all of the above and more at the drop of a hat, but don't ask them to break down a few doors and toss a crack dealer den without massive backup. Hell, THEY might have a gun too.

No fair going up against someone that can fight back. This is of course the end result of creating a special class of people. Total power corrupting totally should have as its dictionary reference a picture of the average cop. And/or liberal politician. Can't forget them. They're the ones who caused this problem to begin with.

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