Tuesday, October 07, 2008


by Michelle Malkin

"What's next? Principal write-downs on credit cards and car loans? What incentive do responsible borrowers have left to pay their bills on time?

As independent housing-bubble analyst and blogger Patrick Killelea (patricknet) notes: "Nobody was ever forced to borrow money. People who borrowed too much money made a mistake. If they can do that with impunity, they will keep on doing it . . . Every prevented foreclosure also prevents a deserving family from buying at a reasonable price."

Thanks to ACORN, the bailout enshrines the homeownership-at-all-costs mentality that got us into this mess in the first place."

The sons of bitches that GOT us into this mess, are now running the bailout. Financial markets the world over see this as tossing more good money after bad, so of course they're going into the tank.

Nothing new here. Democrats have been throwing our money away for decades. Just as is the case with the ridiculously inflated price of gas, you've no right to bitch if you've enabled these rats to steal even more of our hard earned resources.

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