Sunday, October 26, 2008

Local law enforcement officials oppose proposal to allow open-carry firearms

Oklahoma: "Three local law enforcement officials are joining with others to oppose a Midwest City man’s attempt to pass an “open carry” law in Oklahoma.

The Associated Press said Donald Ohse has garnered 1,300 signatures in a campaign to get legislators to pass the law. Ohse has a concealed carry permit, but believes it would be safer to carry his firearm in the open.

“I’d be opposed to something like that,” Police Chief Steve Farmer said. “I think it’d make people more nervous if they saw a gun on someone walking down the street.”

“I think people might anticipate problems, and it could create some bad situations,” Farmer said.

Cherokee County Sheriff Norman Fisher said Wednesday that he has similar concerns about Ohse’s proposal.

“I don’t have a problem with the concealed carry law,” he said. “I think that’s working fine, but I think we’d be asking for trouble if people were allowed to carry a gun in the open.”

The Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association has also came out in opposition to the measure.

Fisher thinks such a proposal would “open up a can of worms.” He said people are required to pass a firearms course to receive a concealed carry permit, but he thinks continued training would be needed if a person could carry a firearm where it’s visible.

Northeastern State University Police Chief Clint Vernon had previously heard of Ohse’s proposal, and he sees problems with it – particularly in a school setting like NSU.

“If you walk into a school shooting situation and 15 people have guns on, you don’t know which one’s the bad guy,” Vernon said. “We have to sometimes make split-second decisions to save someone’s life or our own lives.”

He can foresee see innocent people getting hurt because they don’t know how to react when law enforcement enters a shooting scene."

Could'a, Should'a, Would'a.

It's all about THEM, after all, and not about exercising a right. And listen, as many have said with regards to a cop entering a shooting situation where lots of people have guns, here's a clue to LE: Just look for the dead guy and all the rest are the good guys who took him out.

Seriously now, why in all hell should ANYONE care what the help has to say about our right to bear arms. Approve of open-carry or despise it, it is up to the individual, and NOT the ticket-issuing boys and girls who ALL open carry because, DUH, it's the easiest way to get to a gun when getting to a gun is necessary.

And if the soccer mom's don't like it, then fuck 'em, nobody asked THEM either. Such irrational response to an inanimate object is better left in the hands of mental health care professionals and all any person of good will can recommend is that they and their ilk get help and leave the sane folks the hell alone.

When, precisely, did it happen? When did the servants and the nannies get the right to tell grown men what they could, or couldn't do?

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