Monday, October 06, 2008

Paging Jack Sparrow...Captain Jack Sparrow

MOGADISHU, Somalia — "A group of Somali pirates who have hijacked a tanker loaded with military supplies say they will fight to the death before giving in to Russian and U.S. authorities.

The superpowers have been unable to end the standoff and remain concerned that the ship's cargo of 33 tanks and other weapons could fall into enemy hands.

But a local official reported that the pirates turned down a demand from Islamist insurgents for some of the arms.

The tense situation off the coast of Somalia began 11 days ago when the pirates took control of the Ukrainian vessel MV Fain."

Okay enough is enough. Off with the kid gloves, and sink these bastards. They operate with virtual impunity because few navies can spare the frickin fuel to go after them, and the superpower... as in singular because no matter how much the Yellowstream Media would like the commies back in gear, Russia ain't got shit...acts as if there's something to be debated here. No sane human being CARES what the NY Times has to say, or how many weepy editorials they can generate praising the poor but plucky Somali's.

And no, it wouldn't be racist to blow these frigs out of the water. The same liberal mindset that would disarm all people of good will gets all tingly when thinking about enemies of America going about their business killing and robbing from anyone they can.

Sink their ships and hang anyone who survives the drowning.

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