Thursday, October 02, 2008

Democrats...Taxes...And Our Enemy The Press

"MEDIA "correction" squads are insisting that John McCain can't say Barack Obama will raise taxes, no matter how much that announcing Democrats will raise taxes is like announcing the sun will rise.

In 1992, Vice President Dan Quayle suggested Bill Clinton would raise taxes on the middle class - that everyone making over $36,000 could face a tax hike. Media "experts" accused the him of mangling "facts." Clinton was elected - and passed the largest tax increase in US history, right down to the middle class.

"It was Quayle who repeatedly twisted and misstated the facts," CNN reporter Brooks Jackson pronounced after the vice-presidential debate. On ABC, Jeff Green-field proclaimed: "Independent examination of this charge by, for example, press organizations, has found it, to say the least, misleading."

Cut to Feb. 18, 1993, when USA Today admitted: "Looks like Dan Quayle was right. Last year's vice-presidential debate . . . produced an accurate prediction from Quayle about the Clinton budget plan . . . The final plan, according to Clinton officials, will hit those making $30,000 and above."

In 2008, reporters and columnists touting Obama are repeatedly citing numbers by something called the Tax Policy Center. You'll never hear that this is a project operated by two liberal-Democrat think tanks. The figures suggest Obama will actually cut middle-class taxes more than John McCain. That, of course, assumes that President Obama will follow his plan to the letter, and that a newly elected liberal House and Senate will rubber-stamp his alleged tax cut for "95 percent" of Americans.

That, by the way, is a serious math error. How is it possible to cut 95 percent of Americans' taxes when the Tax Foundation reports that 40 percent of Americans don't pay any income tax? (This math apparently is too sophisticated for the guardians of "fact," who are nowhere to be found.)"

Guardians of the leftwing will lie, cheat, steal, then take a deep breath and do it all over again in order to elect yet another disgrace of a human being such as little Hussein. Who'll make Slick Willy look like a piker when it comes to giving our money away to the criminal element. Times are tough even for those that have never worked an honest day in their life ever since America has been allowed to cast off the Clinton gun bans and re-arm.

Higher taxes, kiss the 1st and 2nd Amendments goodbye, and feed the obese until they begin to burst. Just a damned shame McCain can't run a campaign against such a lightweight as Obama. At least Hillary had an excuse as they were both preaching to the same choir.

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