Friday, October 31, 2008

What I Did This Summer

Whew. Spent a heartbroken summer recovering from the death of one of my brothers, and yeah, that's a big reason why the postings became few and far between. Took to the swamp mostly, to think and shoot, then think and shoot some more. If anything good came out of this family tragedy it was in my identifying which rifle, shotgun, and handgun munitions did the best job taking down hogs a'plenty.

Lots of folks pay strict attention to ballistic gelatin tests, media formulated to respond like skinned pig muscle, that itself is similar to human muscle, but I figured why the hell not shoot some actual pigs. Still isn't going to tell you squat about what'll take down a charging mau-mau brandishing a machete, but penetration and expansion numbers are if nothing else at least more interesting than how many votes Obama can beg borrow or steal in order to turn America into a modern USSR.

I'll be sorting through the data and posting my results soon. Don't take it as a recommendation, just food for thought.

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