Monday, October 27, 2008

Study: Police Not Ready To Protect America From Terrorists

"The threat posed by suicide bombers is already a reality for American law
enforcement agencies and personnel. The threat seems likely to grow in scope and
magnitude in the foreseeable future.37 Islamic extremists are continually refining suicide
bomber tactics, techniques and procedures in Iraq. Conclusion of the war in Iraq has the
potential to shift the focus of suicide bomber attacks from Iraq, Afghanistan, and the
Middle East to the United States. As the world watches suicide bombing evolve in the
Middle East, experts in the field of counter-terrorism continue to predict the eventual
emergence of the tactic in the United States. Law enforcement and first responders need
to be prepared to prevent and respond to the situation. The final opportunity for
prevention will reside with the ordinary cop on the beat who finds themself (sic) confronting a
suicide bomber."

See now, stop the presses. First responders in America, specifically the police, are not prepared to respond to a homicide bomber attack. So say the eggheads responsible for this study. They of course can't see the forest for the trees, and don't know that modern policemen want nothing to do with going after really tough bad guys, not with all of those speeders and jaywalkers and pot smokers and evil gun owners ripe for the pickings. If law enforcement was REALLY interested in protecting the country from attack, there'd be a helluva lot LESS fiddle fucking around with chump laws, and brave men and women chafing at the bit to find and arrest some badguy ass, and pronto.

Isn't happening. Doors get blown off their hinges when an ounce of pot is thought to be inside the domicile of some stupid ass schmuck who likes his weed too much, while gangs still rule many sections of many cities and the sale of all sorts of illegal drugs happens on every street corner in the hood.

Does anyone honestly believe that these same cowards who enforce unconstitutional laws and weep about the desire to go home at night, does anyone really think that these guys and gals are brave enough and patriotic enough to put it all on the line to help save America?

Who the hell do you think is behind the refusal to target certain ethnic, religious, and racial groups under the guise of being fair?

If you think it's just the ACLU and just the other liberal loons then think again. Crime is on the rise because the summons issuers have bought into the idea of their being special and more worthy of living then the rest of us.

Hurricane Katrina told us all we needed to know. So go ahead, eggheads; teach 'em all how to handle homicide bombers. Just don't expect many lives to be saved.

Thanks to The War on Guns for the link. You can visit David's blog and click into the pdf if you'd like to read the whole schlemeel.

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