Friday, October 03, 2008

Porker Fined For Chicken Gorge

"FAST food fan Natalie Jackson was hit with a £150 fine at KFC — for staying too long gorging on a monster-sized “family bucket”.

The trainee nurse and a pal plumped for FOURTEEN chicken pieces, SIX bags of fries and large COKES after driving to their local branch.

They spent an hour and a half scoffing the 5,456-calorie feast. Days later regular customer Natalie got the fine in the post for breaking the restaurant car park’s 75-minute limit.

The 24-year-old fumed yesterday: “It’s disgusting. I spend a lot of money in there. Now I’m never going back.”

Natalie vowed there was fat chance of her paying the £150 — insisting: “It didn’t feel like I was in there all that long. We were hungry.”

Tell ya what's really disgusting, Mz Natalie, is the suet clinging to those overstressed bones. At least you'll resemble an American nurse though, dear, and I suppose going with the flow is all the rage these days so chow down baby.

YEARS ago I smiled whenever a Brit or Aussie would comment upon how fat American women were getting. They had yet to be inundated with fast food vomitoriums, and swore it'd never happen there.


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