Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bingo Manager Offs Thieving Punk

No Charges In Bingo Shooting

By Jessica Taloney Reporter

Pensacola, FL.
"No charges will likely be filed against the manager of a Pensacola bingo hall who took the law into his own hands.

Escambia County Sheriff's deputies say Chad England shot and killed an armed robber who stormed into Beachside Bingo on Jackson Street in Pensacola.

Investigators say Alton Prewitt, 20, entered the bingo hall around 10pm Wednesday. According to witnesses, Prewitt demanded money and fired at least one shot in the ceiling before England grabbed his own gun and fired back.

Prewitt was pronounced dead on the scene. No one else in the bingo hall was hurt.

"It looks like a clear case of self defense," says Glenn Austin, spokesperson for the Escambia County Sheriff's Office. Austin says he believes England was within his rights to shoot the suspect. "He was defending himself and everyone else in the parlor," he says.

Florida has a law that allows residents to protect themselves when they are attacked. The state's "Stand Your Ground Law" makes it legal to use deadly force against an intruder."

"...who took the law into his own hands."

Not one to judge a book by its cover, (cough, bullshit) I'd say that dandy Ms Baloney, strike that, Taloney, was aghast as aghast can get upon learning that poor lil Alton got all dead and shit, and maybe even more so since the armed citizen who deadened this punk wasn't to be hassled by the gestapo just for taking out the garbage.

As for me, I just love it when the Yellowstreamers get all huffy.

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