Friday, October 17, 2008


Citizen Joe Versus The Angry Left

by Michelle Malkin

"SIX-TERM Sen. Joe Biden's got some nerve going after citizen Joe the Plumber. But the entrenched politician from Delaware had no choice. Obama-Biden simply can't tolerate an outspoken citizen successfully painting the Democratic ticket as socialist overlords. And so a dirty, desperate war against Joe Wurzelbacher is on.

The left's political plumbers are attacking the messenger, rummaging through his personal life and predictably wielding the race card again."

Finding it impossible to attack the FACTS that Joe spoke of, the insane lefties...including the Yellowstream Media but of course...learned everything up to and including Joe's favorite ice cream but still can't show us one document created by Barry before Ayers did his ghostwriting.

We're being set-up and bigtime. Can any of you even begin to tolerate the thought of a terrorists apprentice being the leader of the free world?

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