Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gun sales worry people living near recent shooting scenes

"Gun dealers report a 25% spike in sales brought on by a struggling economy.

They say people are scared this slumping economy will cause criminals to become more desperate.

It's been a question on the minds of many in Michiana considering what we've seen over the last four days."

Okay, stop the muzak, STOP THE MUZAK...

People...are...buying more guns...BECAUSE...they fear that a President Hussein would BAN many of them. His entire portfolio, such as it is, centers around marxist principles which FORBID the ownership of firearms by the unwashed proletariat. Interestingly enough, proletariat defines as WAGE EARNERS, which means that Hussein's base need not fear such policies.

"Police say rising gun sales isn't (sic) so much cause for concern, it's illegal use of guns.

Neighbors who live near the latest shooting say lately the mention of a gun is terrifying.

Patricia Brant says, “It's just too close to home. I'm getting ready to have a grandbaby coming and it's scary.”

Then your daughter should have thought long and hard about bringing a child into a free country, Patricia. Unfettered societies, you see, can be as scary, or even more so, than the Utopia's that you and your progeny are capable of living in.

"South Bend Police say it's stolen guns that they're worried about.

Captain Phil Trent says, “A lot of the guns we see in the hands of criminals were taken from handgun owners. Secure it properly in your residence to minimize the chance of it being stolen in a home burglary situation.”

Captain Trent says if you chose to buy a gun, you should know how to use it safely."

Which precludes ownership by most of those wearing a badge, Cap, and since I'm one of the ones the Founders picked to call the shots, no pun intended (fuck, no), then how's about spending some of those SWAT bucks on REAL training and leave the repelling to those silly spelunkers. And while we're a it, Cap, precisely WHO is it that gets to determine what's legal and illegal regarding guns?

Just another manufactured article by a liberal journaljizer. Nowhere does the author produce statistics from the town she is referring to. Are sales up in Michiana, as well as Florida, Texas, and Timbukfrickintu? Or just an excuse to...:

"Michiana is a small resort community of less than 200 residents. The village is located on the shores of Lake Michigan and on the Indiana/Michigan state border, hence the name Michiana was given in 1945. This is a quiet resort community where residents live unbothered by urban hassles of traffic and crime."

...scare the sheeple?

Thanks to The War on Guns for the story.

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