Saturday, October 25, 2008

Don't Say "Stick 'Em Up!"...Say "Cheese!"

Guns-for-cameras program aimed at Toronto shooters

"Toronto police launched an innovative gun amnesty program on Wednesday. It's dubbed Pixels for Pistols, and through it, police are offering to give out a Nikon digital camera to anyone turning in a firearm.

A handgun or assault rifle is worth a $400 Nikon Coolpix S52 and a shotgun nets a $250 Nikon Coolpix P60. The deal includes free photography lessons.

The amnesty program will run for four weeks, according to Henry's camera store, which is providing the cameras.

This might be a good idea for U.S. cities with a lot of street crime. Other amnesty programs offer cash ($100 assault rifles, $50 for shot guns in Washington, D.C. last year) but cameras of much greater value might be just the enhanced financial incentive, and possible artistic motivator, that some gun owners need."

So lemme get this straight...

Criminals will stop being criminals if they can get a camera.

All they really ever needed to go straight, was a camera.

I see.

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