Monday, April 23, 2007

Now We Know What Makes Sheryl Crow...

1 square of toilet tissue. That's what the babe's been pitching as fit and proper. Yes, it's been all over talk radio and blogs galore, but here's some common sense for Sheryl.

Mz Crow, you see, doesn't understand that just as there are corn farms and wheat farms and pig farms, there are tree farms. Land set aside for the growing of trees. Been going on for well over 100 years, and when the idiotic lefties get their panties in a wad over killing a poor tree, well, chances are that the tree in question was planted just for that particular purpose.

To be used as a commodity. To make so absurd a statement means that one may very well go after all of the other farms for destroying living organisms simply for human consumption, but the toilet tissue deal goes far deeper than that.

It is unsanitary to use but one square. Very much so. Unless...

Unless Mz Crow has been employing cobs from those corn farms, and isn't letting on to it.

Regardless. The left trots out these morons on a regular basis, but in this particular instance it was at least comedic, so thank you, Mz Crow, for making America laugh at a time we all needed a good guffaw. You are braindead to the 9's, babe, and even though it is unfashionable to poke fun at the retarded, the jokes on you kid.

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