Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yet Another Has-Been Singer Mocks Christianity

April 24, 2007 -- ANYONE who's followed Tori Amos' career would hardly be shocked that "American Doll Posse" - due in stores next Tuesday - is sometimes political, often personal and totally provocative.

Just take a look at the CD's cover art, which features a photo of her standing in a shimmering lavender dress with a Bible in one hand, the word "shame" scrawled on the palm of her other, and blood running down her leg.

Amos, 43, whose father was a minister, explains: "The preacher's daughter in me is just asking [in that photo] where women stand in Christianity.

"What do theologians abhor more than anything else?" Amos asks. "They believe in the father God, the authoritative male image. I thought, OK, I'll bring on the mother God."

Okay, stop right there. This is getting old, ladies, so why not give islam a try, eh? Christianity is safe, ever so safe to ridicule, so try your hand at a religion that continues to treat women as chattel, instead of foaming at the mouth over what went on a few thousand years ago when they were assembling what would become the Bible. Christians grew out of a lot of those nasty habits but guess what, Tori?

Moslems did not. Go look it up.

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