Sunday, April 22, 2007

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Haven't a lot of you been too hard on the police regarding Virginia Technical?...Don't they just use military tactics and react when it's safe enough to go in a room where people are being shot at...?

Apples and oranges to the extreme. If I'm standing in the street and hear gunfire coming from inside of a building, the time it takes to enter is the time it takes to move the appropriate distance TO enter. None of this crouching in the bushes awaiting bigger guns or more men. If innocents are being fired upon, SOP is to intercede on their behalf to the point of placing yourself in the direct line of fire if necessary, so as to save as many as possible. SWAT teams excel at kicking down doors in the early morning hours or posing for the show COPS as a dozen or more charge into a domicile to wrestle occupants sleeping near the remains of a joint. Now of course one must consider tactics when engaged in a search and destroy scenario, but when the bullets are hitting civilians there's no time to wait, none at all.

I'd bet my bottom dollar that many of the Korean killer's victims bled out as they lay there helpless while law enforcement did nothing. That is precisely what happened at Columbine, and that is precisely what will happen the next time something akin to this goes down.

Click the following to see what I mean. All those wounded people lying around for absolutely no good reason:

100 Wounds, 1 Shooter

Virginia Tech shooting autopsy released

"Seung-Hui Cho fired enough bullets to cause more than 100 wounds before putting a bullet in his own head."

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