Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gator Cull

This August will feature an alligator cull here in the Gunshine State, so I've been jabberjawing with the Slaughter brothers as to which type of armament to bring along. So far it's down to several shotgun loads with the Remington Buckhammer leading the way, at least until I can get my hands on some Brennecke Black Magic loads for a look-see. The Buckhammer pushes 602 grains at 1500 fps and holds together much better than any of the soft lead rifled slugs I've looked at, so it'll be a hard act to follow but someone's gotta do it.

My second choice so far is a Winchester #1 buck load. 24 pellets. That's 960 grains making one ragged 4" hole at 15', but I'm not convinced that buckshot is the way to go even though a lot of the locals favor the stuff.

There's a spot not that far from here called Payne's Prairie, a wildlife sanctuary that's home to over 400 gators at last count and they want it to be under 200 by summer's end.

Glad to oblige.

PS: Added a real pic of the Buck slug, and once again yes indeed it can be used in a cylinder bore barrel. Just don't go all that crazy with the choke, and remember that it isn't going to worth a damn for long range shots.

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