Saturday, April 28, 2007

Guns On Campus

"Guns allowed on college campuses? After the Virginia Tech massacre it's a thought that sends a chill down the spine of some but some students at the University of Central Florida think it should be allowed. News 13's Karen Castillo talks to these students in a story you see only on News 13.

Look for trouble and stare down the barrel of his 12-gauge shot gun.

"You are not really safe unless you can defend yourself," an unidentified UCF student said.

The student is setting down his weapon in the same location he sets down his books to study. He has two roommates and is also living with his gun. We're not revealing his identity, ironically, for the same reason he made this purchase, because he's scared.

"I am not saying that I am waiting for someone to come in so I can shoot them, but if there is adequate provocation that is all I can do,” the student said.

The gun owner is part of a growing number of students who tell News 13 they keep their guns in their apartments.

"I'm really worried about the safety for students on campus,” the student said.

Kyle Hunt with the Student Government Association wants more. When he heard a man was arrested last week for roaming the campus with an AK-47 and 54 rounds, he began drafting a resolution arguing guns should be allowed on campus.

"At first I thought faculty and stuff, but not I think it is kind of limiting," he said. "I think the more guns we have on campus, the better."

A spokesperson with the University of Central Florida says even if they had an opinion on the subject they can't do much because state laws say you cannot carry a gun on college campuses. The spokesperson said if the student really wants change he has to go to the legislature. Hunt plans to do so.

He is still writing this resolution and plans to submit it to the Student Government Association in the next few months.

At UCF, Karen Castillo, Central Florida News 13."

Not gonna happen. Not this year, not so soon after the korean massacre. Politicians are being bombarded by mommies and daddies demanding that something be DONE with those stinky old guns, and since half of us are Fudds to begin with it's an uphill battle to get the truth out. I'll be speaking to a local college group next week regarding many firearms issues, I know damned well that this will come up and will tell the kids one simple thing. It's your life. If you are legally eligible to keep and bear arms (the 2nd Amendment is only a recommendation regarding public buildings after all) then you are the ones who must petition the system. Speak with mommy and daddy about it. Get as much training as you can afford to. Join and help gun groups whenever possible. If a group of students a thousand or more strong held a rally on one of the local campuses demanding the right to defend themselves, it'd make waves, but the police simply don't want the hassle and that's that.

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