Saturday, April 28, 2007

And An Aussie Will Lead Them...

Prime Minister John Howard, one of America's staunchest allies in the War on Terror, decried the Democratic vote in Congress to set a timetable for withdrawal, saying: "I don't think it is doing anything other than giving great comfort and encouragement to al Qaeda and the insurgency in Iraq."

Added Howard: "They are looking at all this . . . and they say, 'The American domestic resolve is weakening, therefore we should maintain our resolve.' "

And that, he said, "will be an enormous victory for terrorism."

Which is a lot more sense than was heard onstage in South Carolina the other night.

No. I won't bust Aussie chops by ranting on and and on about their hoplophobia. Julie Annie, like most Republicans, says that the best way to fight terrorism is to stop it before it becomes a problem. The Democrats believe that calling in FEMA is a good way to begin, or as Hillary said, "to retaliate". Retaliate with what? Let's hope more than harsh language as when her husband was faced with the same dilemma.

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