Saturday, April 28, 2007

Moslem Shooting Team Disappears...ACLU On The Side Of Justice?

From The Shooting Wire:

Korean Broadcast Service (KBS) is reporting the national team of Kyrgyzstan has disappeared during the International Shooting Sports Federation World Cup in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province. The team of 12 athletes and seven staff members, who arrived last Tuesday, did not participate in the qualifying rounds for the event that began last Friday. Police have been searching for the team's whereabouts since checking their rooms and finding only their belongings. The event's organizing committee said the group was not carrying any guns but suspected they had planned to go underground and stay in the country illegally. The 12-day long ISSF World Cup will end on April 24th.

Asylum? Then there's the news from Texas...

"In Texas, some very unusual collaborators are taking on a group of Texas prosecutors who appear to be taking the law into their own hands - at least when it comes to Texas' concealed weapons laws.

In a report called "Above the Law: How Texas prosecutors are placing their own judgment over that of the Legislature and the law of the land" the American Civil Liberties Union has collaborated with the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition and the Texas State Rifle Association to unveil the actions of some Texas prosecutors who don't care for the clarifications made to Texas' concealed-carry laws. The clarification states, simply, that citizens have the right to carry a legal handgun in a private vehicle.

Some Texas prosecutors didn't like that new law — to the point several directed local police to ignore the statute.

In the joint report, it appears that in at least 13 jurisdictions in Texas, that is, indeed the case. 13 county/district attorneys, including district attorneys for counties in large metropolitan areas like Houston and Fort Worth, have instructed police officers to interrogate Texans unnecessarily, arrest Texans, or take their guns even if they are legally carrying the gun in a car under HB 823 standards.

According to the report, one County Attorney One "advised police officers that it's simply too complicated to try and determine whether a Texan is legally carrying a stowed gun in the car, so officers should arrest for "unlawful carrying" as before and let the prosecutor's office 'sort out the legal niceties.'"

Those are fighting words to the authors of "Above the Law" and they have countered by naming those County Attorneys, citing examples of their having instructed officers to either circumvent or ignore the law, and publishing a guideline of "what to do if you're stopped".

The report hit the streets this week, and it's expected that the County Attorneys named in it will be hitting the ceilings.

Should make for some interesting conversations over the next few weeks."

It's easy to find lawyers (in this case prosecutors) scumbagish enough to search for law enforcement with the same attitudes on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but it's particularly painful to learn of such goings on in Texas. A great many of the giants from our history became larger than life in the Lone Star State, back before the mexicans made so many inroads in taking it all back.

They want you to be cowering little eloi awaiting the call to slaughter. Why? Because in a land bereft of Kings there will always be those who want to stand taller than mere nature allows.

Some feel there are no bad apples, only bad barrels. That any of us can be tainted by the right disease. But not everyone remains immature enough to blindly follow the rantings of the madmen, and it'd be so very nice to see some of these loons finally grow up.

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