Sunday, April 22, 2007

Famous Days In Military History

Mor The Barbarian: Good morning Ar, say would you have the time to take a look at something for me?

Ar the blacksmith puts aside his hammer for a moment to oblige the village chieftain.

Ar: Sure what's that you've got there?

MTB: We found a big box full of these discs right after we burned down that village. Lak says they use them for trade.

Ar: Looks like copper and maybe some nickel to me.

MTB: That's what Nit the sorcerer said too. He thinks that maybe this stuff is rare among their kind and so they stamp it into something called coins then swap them for chickens and goats and women.

Ar: And this should mean something to me how?

MTB: I was getting to that. See, I've had this idea that maybe you could make holes in them for me.

Ar: (taking a coin and turning it over in his hand) Don't see why not. Any point to making holes in them?

MTB: I was getting to that. My idea works like this; you make holes in them then I have Lea the seamstress sew them together in one of my shirts. You can make holes in them can't you?

Ar: I can make a hole in anything, Mor.

MTB: How's about that mountain over there...

Ar: Get pissy and you can make your holes by yourself. Everyone has heard you smacking away at those discs back behind your house, and I'd be doing us all a service just for one nights sleep...

MTB: Ok, ok, no insult intended. Just being a barbarian you know. So hows about it?

Ar: All of them?

MTB: Yes, all. Burn me some nice holes and I'll lend you that slave gal you've been drooling over.

Ar: Sounds fair. But lend my ass, I wanna keep her. Least till she gets boring and wants to start tidying up.

MTB: Deal. Oh, and since this is my idea I'd like for you to tell everyone that you're making a Mor-Shirt because I thought of it and should get to name it.

Ar: Seems to me that since I'm the only one who can make holes in them I should get to name it too.

MTB: You drive a hard bargain, Ar. So whats your idea of a good name?

Ar: Well, you've got something of a point in that you stole em, but I'll make em worth something. How's about, Ar-Mor.

MTB: Armor? I've never heard anything so stupid before in my life, but what the hell, go for it.

Ar: Yeah, it'll never catch on but spending day after day making slave bracelets for all your chattel is boring me to tears...

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