Monday, April 23, 2007

And If All That Wasn't Enough To Make You Quite Ill...


The Changing Gun Debate

The Feds ducked responsibility on guns. Good thing America's mayors stepped in.

"FBI statistics show that violent crime is on the rise across America..."

Not so says the real world, but when did the real world ever intrude upon Bloomberg. Click then read it. Just be sure to have your vomitorium at the ready because it's an alternate universe these socialists live in and not very pretty. 32 people died because they were unable to defend themselves and the anti's use this tragedy to raise money and somehow, in some twisted way, try to make the point that since bad people will always do bad things, we should let them because there's nothing worse than fighting back.

You aren't capable. You aren't smart enough. You can't be trusted.

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