Sunday, April 29, 2007

Here's Hoping More Municipalities Begin Feeling The Pinch...

Privatizing Law Enforcement in Southern Oregon

Replacing local law enforcement with private gun owners.

Brian O'Connor wrote me that:

Interesting things happening here in Josephine County in lovely southern Oregon. It looks like the county budget's going to take a huge hit because federal funds are drying up. In particular, the Sheriff is saying he's going to have to eliminate all patrols for the county -- which is pretty big -- unless voters vote in favor of a levy to support law enforcement. It's highly unlikely that the levy will pass, and everyone knows it.

The upshot is that handguns are flying off the shelves of the local gun shops (I confirmed this with the people at Bradbury's Gun-N-Tackle Thursday) and the Sheriff has scheduled 4 seminars to teach people how to fend for themselves. (We have a fairly large Meth problem in the county.)

I've included a clipping from today's Grants Pass Courier, 4/28/07. (The paper is not available online.)

Via Blogonomicon.

Good lord but thats the best news I've seen in some time. Chasing the loons out of office is going to be a helluva lot easier than supplanting the gestapo, so here's hoping they begin withering-off on their own. And make no mistake; law enforcement has devolved into a special branch of public servant that is neither public nor servile. It's a private club that places itself head and shoulders above the ones holding the Constitutional derived authority.


The query that now begs retort is how in all hells did people need to be taught how to defend themselves.

What. All the men moved and left no forwarding address.

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