Sunday, April 22, 2007

Korean Killer Bought 2 Magazines From eBay

BLACKSBURG, Va. (AP) - The Virginia Tech killer went to eBay to buy ammunition clips for one of the types of guns he used in the rampage, a spokesman for the auction site confirmed Saturday.

Using the handle Blazers5505, Seung-Hui Cho bought two 10-round magazines for the Walther P22 - one of two handguns used in the massacre of 32 people. The clips were bought March 22 from a gun shop in Idaho.

"It's apparent that he purchased the empty magazine clips," eBay spokesman Hani Durzy said. "They're similar to what could be purchased in any sporting goods store around the country."

This is news because it illustrates sloppy journalism at its worst.

A Walther P22 does not feed ammunition via a clip.

A Glock 19 does not feed ammunition via a clip.

There are stripper clips, yes, and strippers have been known to wear clips.

But semi-automatic handguns employ MAGAZINES.

PS: eBay will not sell ANY MAGAZINE with a capacity higher than 10, because, in its infinite wisdom, eBay knows PRECISELY how many rounds you will ever need at any given point in time. Only law enforcement should use full capacity MAGAZINES, because, after all, their health and safety is more important than yours.

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