Monday, April 30, 2007

Iran ban on (Insert The Most Ridiculous Thing Imaginable Here)

"Iranian police have warned barbers not to give men Western hairstyles or use make up on them.

The move is part of an unusually fierce crackdown on what is known locally as bad hijab, or un-Islamic clothing, that this year is also targeting men.

Hair stylists have been warned that they could lose their licences if they do not comply."

Hell, why not. There'd be a time when one would rightfully inquire as to where men such as these enforcers might be found, but you needn't look any farther away than your own backyard. The Iranian Constitution does not grant men the right to be sheared as to their own wants and needs, but OUR Constitution clearly allows for the owning and bearing of arms but we seem to find plenty enough gestapo-wannabees to enforce such unlawful "laws". There have been a plethora of studies that point to the fact that men with exceptionally small penises make the best modern enforcers, and while one might not believe that so very many pindicks exist in one place, the truth wins out over incredulity time and time again.

This means of course that women are to blame for permitting such weeny-weiners to procreate, but in the case of modern LE one cannot rule out rape so until all the data is in we'll hold back on declaring our distaff majority to be of unsound mind.

Bottom Line: Without enough men of unscrupulous character no dictatorial system would work.

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