Thursday, April 26, 2007

You Heard It Here FIRST...

The cat's out of the bag! GLOCK introduces revolvers.

"A New Bern police officer left his department-issued revolver in the bathroom of a sandwich shop Friday afternoon.

An employee at the Subway on Dr. M.L. King Jr. Boulevard found the gun, and police were called, according to Ed Preston, deputy chief of the New Bern Police Department.

Preston said the gun had not be in the bathroom very long before it was found, but he did not provide a specific time. He did say the officer was on duty at the time.

Preston said another officer went to the Subway to get the gun and take a report.

He refused to say what type of gun was left, but New Bern officers are traditionally issued a 45-caliber Glock as their revolver.

He said because the incident is considered a personnel matter, limited information would be released.

A Subway worker answering the phone confirmed the gun was found but had no comment."

And they must be tiny little things too. One doesn't just lose a .45 and not feel it missing. Not even an ONLY ONE. I put a call in to GLOCK at Smyrna GA, and they want me to email them the story but they're not fooling me at all. Either come clean about the revolvers or I call the NRA.

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