Friday, April 20, 2007

This Is What Is Usually Referred To As A "Meaningful Dialogue"...

Okay, I simply had to retort to this one as well over at David's joint...

SMERCONISH: Well, wait a minute. I think you`re speaking my language now when you say we need to arm the general public. Is your thought process that we`d be better served if more individuals, law abiding Americans, were carrying firearms so that they could take down whomever it is that perpetrated these acts?

BROWN: You bet, Michael. I`m one of those people. Yes, I do believe that.

SMERCONISH: OK, well, that makes two of us. And I imagine, Lieutenant Rogers, we may not get a beef out of you on that?

ROGERS: Well, the problem with that is, that, when the police, who are well trained to deal with these situation, enter into a dorm, who`s the shooter? Who`s the killer? Who`s the murderer?

You know, it`s an easy fix to say, well, let`s arm everyone. But we`ve got to be concerned about how many more lives could be lost. These police officers, and I agree with Pat, you know, they`re reacting to a tragic situation. But what they did, what these officers did this morning was no doubt minimize a lot more losses that could have been incurred by this suspect.

David Codrea: No doubt. "Only Ones" crouching behind trees while victims are being slaughtered works every time.

Fits: I'll have to differ with you on this one, Dave. My understanding of police procedure when facing such a situation is to wait until at least 30 minutes after the sound of the last gunshot before entering a building, or domicile. Crouching remains but a recommendation and is NOT mandatory.

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