Wednesday, April 25, 2007

FYI: Korean's Walther Purchased At Top Glock...

"We’ve set up this page so that our message is available to the public regarding our sale of a Walther P22 to Cho Seung-Hui. As we fully expect members of the media and politicians to turn this horrible tragedy into a gun control debate, we need to make the facts available and make sure that our message is clear.

Cho purchased the Walther P22 online February 2nd 2007. We shipped it to a federally licensed dealer on February 5th. It was received on February 8th and Cho Seung-Hui picked it up on February 9th after completing the federal and state background checks.

We were made aware this madman purchased the weapon from us via the internet on April 17th by the BATF. Two BATF agents interviewed me in person on April 18th. The media was made aware of this information on April 19th. After being released to the media, I participated in several television, newspaper and radio interviews in order to make sure the facts were clear and that our industry should not be blamed for this tragedy.

As the father of three small children, I was completely shocked by the fact that this sick man purchased the weapon from us and used it to kill 32 students and faculty. We immediately put up links to the memorial fund for the victims and their families and personally donated as well. Having been open in the media, we have been getting a steady stream of harassing and threatening email from the so called “peace loving” people that see no point in owning a weapon. We’ve also received many letters of support and encouragement from those who truly understand the situation.

In that this tragedy will probably be used to call for tougher gun control measures and restrictions on our Second Amendment right, I would ask that the gun grabbers realize that this sick man was the one who murdered those innocent people in Virginia. It is my belief Gun Free Zones, magazine capacity restrictions and gun bans are all feel good actions and don’t accomplish anything at all. This sick man is to blame for this…not a weapon. It is also my belief that the only way to truly be safe is to be able to protect yourself. The Supreme Court has ruled that the People do not have any expectation of protection from law enforcement and has upheld it several times since. Therefore, if the government isn’t responsible for protecting us, we have to protect ourselves. Concealed carry reduces violent crime in every State it is implemented in. The rest of the States that don’t have concealed carry laws should implement them immediately."

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