Friday, April 20, 2007

Shooting A Messenger

Two days ago, Neal Boortz was on a rant. He, like most of us, was dumbfounded that not one of the young men and women at Virginia Tech...and lets call a spade a spade here, they're the average age of a Marine infantry platoon so stop with the "children" references....sought to fight back.

Yesterday he had a change of heart and offered an apology. The wind, you see was blowing the wrong way because Rush and Laura and Born Vannity were busily poo-poo'ing the thought of the best defense being a smashing offense. His background noise-makers named Royal and Belinda were crank yanking him to have mercy, or at least I think thats what Belinda was doing because I can understand but every third word of what the woman has to say.

Blogdom was at the forefront as usual, and thats nothing more than logistics. Blogs can react on a dime and give you 9 cents change, while the talking heads have to wait until its their time for airtime.

So after gathering what they could borrow, Rush was Rush and dug into the 2nd Amendment values this story represented, sans accompaniment (mostly because he so adores the sound of his and his voice alone), Laura got some old friends on the line to engage in some chick-talk as they commiserated, Born Vannity shouted to the high heavens about every safe subject he could think of, and Neal went it alone in wondering how's a come the "kids" didn't fight back.

Only the gunny-bloggers were in full frontal dumbfound as to why the sheeple stood still for the shearing, while the "conservative" blogs and NRO types made NO mention of aggression as a form of proactive persuasion.

How startling. Again we stand alone. Boortz will at times hover on the fringe of being unique, and thats I guess why he draws more than flies. Push comes to shove and he might as well be just another closet Fudd who adores the right to bear arms as along as its someone else doing the heavy lifting.

In case I haven't been perfectly clear...

One does not need extensive training nor a combat "mindset" to fight back. The cops and the school made damned sure that the only guns allowed were to be the property of cops or criminals, because criminals will be criminals and cops should be the only ones permitted to put up much of a fight. After the shooting stops, but of course. Speaking for myself and myself alone, I can say with a certain degree of certainty that the little son of a bitch would have had to shoot damed straight and often because I'm on him like white on rice from the get-go. A desk is neither cover nor concealment but just might deflect the incoming enough to rain 265 pounds of asskicking death and destruction down upon the poor little miss who felt put-upon by whitey.

But that's a best-case scenario. Not that the worst-case is all that bad, because if one is to see NULL & VOID stamped to one's birth certificate then having it so accomplished while on two good legs and NOT a sniveling kneel is never a bad way to make an exit. The fact that there was not one student capable of going medieval on that korean excuse for a human being is not for me to understand. Boortz, at first, at least professed to feeling the same way. Then came the emails from soccer moms the country over and out came an apology.

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