Friday, April 08, 2011

AKM74 5.45X39

J&G Sales has them for $359.95, plus all the attending paperwork and godawful bullswaddle the federal government demands of you. The 5.45X39 is of course the ballistic twin of the 5.56, but in the AKM74 you have it all in a far less expensive...and infinitely more reliable...package. Won't stop a wild hog before he gores you, but a well placed shot will at least stun a deer long enough for you to skin him.

The Russkies and their Chicom bedfellows all but give these away to whatever third-world nincompoops want them, but even at dirt cheap pricing the sand fleas ask instead for the AK. Which says all you need to know. The cultists can have any longarm they want and still import AK's by the boatload.

That said, the AKM is one helluva plinker.

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