Friday, April 22, 2011

Commandments That ALL Video Games Should Follow


Having to replay levels due to limited save points.
This is a throwback to the arcade/NES days when physical limitations in the system wouldn't allow you to save your progress just anywhere. There is no reason for this now. None. We're busy. We've got work, appointments, phone calls. We shouldn't tolerate an inability to save our progress in any piece of software.

Being forced to watch boring cutscenes is a close second but for the love of Mike end the bullshit and start making ALL games instantaneously save-able because I  want to save NOW.

One of the things I like about Dragon Age 1 & 2 is there's no running around looking for a save point every time a thunder storm comes crashing down here in the frickin' tropics and holy-shit but the power might blink off. The auto-save is a nice feature as well but I still want total control because this isn't 1985.

Click the headline link to be transported to Cracked where you can see them all, and lemme know if you've a favorite commandment too.


badanov said...

Page five made me laugh so hard, I was in tears:

This is supposed to be the flip side of the above, here the computer gives you a half dozen or so teammates to "help" you fight the Nazis or commies or zombies or whoever the enemy is that day. It doesn't work. It has never worked.

Either the AI is too stupid, or it's so sophisticated that it has become sentient and aware of the futility of living. Either way, as recently as Call of Duty 4 we've got teammates walking in front of our machine gun, eager to feel the sweet, sweet embrace of death. And then we get penalized for it.

Fits said...

Supporting characters are always getting in the way.

I've been laboring over Dragon Age 2 and full melees with all sorts of darkfiends are hard enough without having to search for the missing companion (or two) who for whatever reason has wandered from the frying pan and into the fire.

And of course there is the possibility of friendly fire and to be honest sometimes I do hope they'd all just die forever for being such idiots.