Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Queen And Her Court

"...That's right folks we're bustin' these knives out at a ridiculous low cost that works out to five eighty six point three cents a knife apiece for the seven of them..." Todd Boone

So let's see how that would look: $5.86.3. Hmm. Must be Tennessean metric.

Well we've got good news and bad news. The good news is the barkers over at Cutlery Corner have done away with referring to their Chinamen potsteels as "Custom" knives. "Limited Edition", yes. "Close-out prices", yes. "Warehouse clearance", yes. Doesn't matter all that much that the SAME knives have been Limited and Closed-out and on Clearance for years now, because someone over at Frost has got hisseff a dictionary and looked up the word "Custom". That's at least the beginning of learning to speak the English language.

The bad news? Whew. Sorry to say that Cutlery Corner is moving from 2 AM and 3 AM four mornings a week, to 3:30 AM for three mornings a week. Last month they made a big deal of running a test show at 12:30 PM, then said nary a word how it all worked out, but your name didn't have to be Nielsen to come to the conclusion that they bombed bigtime. Cutlery Corner is an infomercial and there are far more entertaining infomercials for TV viewers at that time of day so forget seeing Toddy and the Queen at any reasonable hour. Ever.

The Queen promised his viewers he'd try like heck to broadcast earlier, so of course they are doing the opposite.

WHOOPS. Was just getting ready to hit Publish Post when Stuttering Todd said "...and this is a custom blade on this Bowie..." Oh well.

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