Sunday, April 10, 2011

Out Of Cutlery Corner

Our free-ends (friends) at Frost Cutlery opened their show this morning barking the below listed items. Trouble is, they were nowhere to be found at their web site. Or rather, search results returned: "No Results Found". Now, the show airs here on ION looooooong after it is broadcast live, and heavens forbid they take the time to edit the knives that have been sold out.

CCN-23290: A special Mother's Day commemorative knife, with Happy Mother's Day etched on the blade!
CCN-21851: Average piece of crap
CCN-23216: Average piece of crap
CCN-23248: Ditto
Then I got tired and stopped looking

And I checked for availability whilest old Toddy was still barkin', so they could not have possibly sold out in mere seconds. 

Know what they call people who advertise products that they don't actually have?

Of course you do. They're called Crooks.

BUT, however, the infamous Cutlery Stampede...CCN-23289, 122 individual pieces of butterknife-dull pot metal for only $130.00...was still up and at 'em, even though Mr. Todd Boone hawked loud and clear that it was sellin' fast and come git 'em now before they is all sold out!

The way Cutlery Corner works is as follows: They run some products, say for perhaps half an hour. Then, for the remainder of Boone's air time...which is 2 hours...they continue to replay the tape of the same items he hawked at the opening of the show. O'Dell and Man-Hands-Travis follow, and they go through the same routine. Over and over; pitching what they do not have.

The Mother's Day knife was particularly galling. They advertised it on Wednesday, yesterday, and again today. Probably hoping you'd try to order one and settle for something else to give mommy on her day. Planting the seed of thought and imagination. Knowing full well that the normal Frost customer wouldn't think anything strange about giving his own mother a cheap knife on Mother's Day.

I was going to get a passel of 'em and give them away here. Dang it all.

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