Saturday, April 16, 2011

Open Carry Part Scazillion

On Friday, another milestone was achieved as open-carry passed as several committeemen kicked it upstairs so to speak, ever nearer to a full vote then on to the governor who has said he'll sign the thing.

CommitteeMEN, because virtually all of the dissenting votes came from committeeWOMEN who don't care who is robbed, murdered or killed, yet will  excoriate law enforcement each and every time a female is harmed through sexual violence. The wonderful idea of a kinder more gentle electorate and political system died on the vine grown from the ugly feminazi'ists who expect us to die as slowly as possible so that they may better escape harm, yet would deny us the tools to do so.

Yep, I WILL die for you sweety but at least give me a fighting chance.

We're close.


Theredneckengineer said...

Here's to hoping it passes. I'd love to see it here in Texas as well.
It seems to me that in order for a bill to become law in Texas regarding self defense, it has to make it through Florida first.

Sad those women can't get over their innate fear of firearms in order to do their damn job.

Fits said...

Florida and Texas are and should be joined at the hip. Hell, most of Florida is full of Texas wannabes who like to swim.